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Muscle Sport completely overhauls BCAA NRG Revolution

BCAA NRG Revolution

Muscle Sport has completely reformulated its energized amino competitor BCAA NRG Revolution, giving it a number of new features. The main idea of the supplement is still to improve recovery with aminos as well as increase energy and performance. The difference is just the ingredients behind the updated BCAA NRG Revolution.

As far as aminos go, Muscle Sport has kept everything the same for the new and improved product with a 10g blend of BCAAs, taurine, HICA, and various forms of glutamine. Where all of the significant changes come for BCAA NRG Revolution is with its energy and performance ingredients.

BCAA NRG Revolution

Muscle Sport has completely overhauled the energy element of BCAA NRG Revolution. The supplement now features 1.4g of the PeakO2 performance enhancing blend, 200mg each of the classic stimulant caffeine and carnitine l-tartrate, and a 400mg electrolyte complex for better hydration.

The updated BCAA NRG Revolution does already appear to be listed and available on Muscle Sport’s website for a little more than its regular BCAA Revolution at $72.99 a tub. As always, keep in mind that is the product’s price directly from the brand, which is a bit more expensive than what you can get it for in retailers.