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Supplement on the go with BPI Sports’ water enhancers

BPI Sports Water Enhancers

It looks like BPI Sports has just made supplementation a little easier for those who are always on the move or prefer things to be a little more convenient. A new line of water enhancers is confirmed as coming soon from the brand which are built so that fans can simply squeeze and supplement on the go.

In total there are four concentrated products in the BPI Sports water enhancing lineup with Carntine, Garcinia, Best Energy, and Best Aminos. From what we can tell, the idea behind the supplements is that you squeeze the liquid from their bottles into your water, and you have yourself an enhanced and flavored beverage.

For example with the Best Energy water enhancer, it features a formula including citrulline, taurine, and caffeine. If you squeeze a serving of that into your water bottle, you’ll get the pump benefits of citrulline, the power of taurine, and the energy of caffeine. It would be similar for Garcinia and Carnitine for enhanced weight loss, and Best Aminos for better recovery.

For now we only really know the basic idea behind the BPI Sports water enhancers as well as the few formula details mentioned. We also don’t know much about when they’ll be available, just that they’re coming soon to the major retailers GNC and the Vitamin Shoppe with zero sugar and 24 servings per 60ml bottle.