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Core releases the first look at its returning Core Zap

Core Zap

Last week Core Nutritionals made an exciting announcement about the return of its legendary energy and focus supplement Core Zap. After being confirmed as coming back early last year, the brand recently revealed that a new version of the DMAA era product is finally being put into production.

As a follow up to Core’s exciting Core Zap news, this week we’ve been given the first look at the returning supplement. The preview confirms a few things outside of what the product looks like including that it’s still an energy and focus formula, has eight fully transparent ingredients, and is coming in an Electric Lemon-Lime flavor.

We do also know the 2017 version of Core Zap is going to feature a concentrated, stimulant size serving, with an overall tub weight of 97.5g. Depending on how many servings it has we could be in for something as small as a 3.25g serving for 30 servings or slightly higher at 4.9g for 20 servings.

Everything you need to know about Core Nutritionals’ return of its exciting Core Zap is expected to be released within the next week or so. The supplement itself is said to be out and available a few weeks after that, with a current launch date of October 1st.

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