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Olympus Labs’ Endur3 preview confirms a hefty 16g serving size


Olympus Labs recently released a preview of its upcoming muscle builder Ep1logue, which is one of the two entirely new supplements it has dropping within the next couple of weeks. To keep the hype going the brand has now released a second preview of its other upcoming product, the amino formula Endur3.

Like with the first look at Ep1logue, today’s sneak peek at Olympus Labs Endur3 does confirm a couple of details for the supplement. Firstly we now know that each tub of Endur3 weighs in at a hefty 487g with a total of 30 servings. That means the product will have quite the serving size at around 16g, which is a lot bigger than most amino competitors.

The other piece of information we’ve got from today’s Endur3 preview is that BCAAs are of course in the supplement at a 4:1:1 ratio. The recovery and muscle building feature is dosed at 7.5g per 16g serving, leaving plenty of room for what we imagine will be other recovery enhancing ingredients.

Everything else you need to know about Olympus Labs’ upcoming amino product is expected to be made available next week around the Olympia. That is also around the time Endur3 as well as Ep1logue are due to be released.

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