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GAT Flexx packing a heavy 7g of BCAAs in each of its 60 servings


GAT recently released a teaser image of a new product we suspected to be some sort of supplement called Flexx. We now have all of the improtant details to share for that product, which is as we initially guessed is titled GAT Flexx BCAAs.

Recover, hydrate and burn fat

As you could probably tell by the full-length title of the new GAT supplement, Flexx BCAAs is indeed a BCAA formula. Like a lot of products in the increasingly popular amino category, Flexx aims to reduce muscle breakdown, enhance hydration, and improve recovery, as well as help burn fat.

Four main features

The formula behind the upcoming GAT Flexx BCAAs is relatively simple with a combination of four main ingredients. Taking care of the recovery benefits is a heavy 7g of plant-based BCAAs per serving, at the usual 2:1:1 ratio, electrolytes and coconut water for improved hydration, and lastly for weight loss support, half a gram of carnitine.

Creative candy flavors

As for the launch of the new Gat Flexx BCAAs, all we know for now is that the recovery and hydration supplement is coming soon. We can also tell you that it’ll be dropping in a rather large 60 serving tub, and have four creative candy flavors available in Jelly Bean, Orange Burst, Cotton Candy, and Sour Ball.