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Optimum makes for a unique experience with its Gold Standard Zone

Gold Standard Zone

Last week Optimum Nutrition announced that it’d have something a little extra for this year’s Olympia with a fold out mobile unit called the Gold Standard Zone. We decided to stop by and give it a look just outside of the Las Vegas Convention Center, and were quite surprised as it is a rather interesting experience.

How it all works is that you line up to enter your details into a tablet, with things like height, weight, what supplements you take, and how active you are. You then move into the nutrition area where you input what you eat on a regular basis and then it tells you based on all your other details, how well you’re doing with your diet.

Gold Standard Zone

Following the educational nutrition zone, Optimum then has sample opportunities of some of its latest products such as its Cotton Candy AmiNO Energy. For the fourth and final stage of the Gold Standard Zone, you perform movements like hammer curls in front of a live feed camera screen. Your form is then analyzed, and you’ll get live feedback displayed on the screen while you’re doing the exercise.

Overall Optimum’s Gold Standard Zone is quite the unique feature and very different from anything else going on at the Olympia. While it does sound like a lot of effort to go through, the brand does reward you with a special VIP pass if you make it through all four of the stages.