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Tim Muriello unveils his recovery and hydration formula Gro Pronto

Gro Pronto

Tim Muriello is preparing to launch a second supplement, finally turning his one pre-workout Spazmatic into a line of products. Muriello has unveiled that second supplement this week, officially introducing his BCAA competitor uniquely named Gro Pronto.

The label of the amino has yet to be revealed, although its main ingredients and intentions have been. According to Tim Muriello Gro Pronto will feature a combination of BCAAs and EAAs to boost recovery, as well as other ingredients for improved digestion and hydration.

When Gro Pronto does eventually arrive, it’ll be available in the same flavor as the upcoming addition to Tim Muriello’s pre-workout with Strawberry Frozen Fruit Bar. As for when it’s expected to drop, the current release time frame on the amino formula is five weeks from now.

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