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ProSupps unveils its zero calorie energy drink Hyde Power Potion

Hyde Power Potion

So far this year ProSupps has already massively stepped up its game with a variety of creative new additions to its growing lineup. The brand has treated fans to a lot more flavors for the delicious MyBar, the protein packed MyCookie, the 50% heavier MyBar Pro, and new and improved versions of its pre-workouts.

As it turns out, however, we may not have seen ProSupps’ most exciting release of the year just yet. This week the brand has officially unveiled its next major supplement release with a spin-off of its signature pre-workout Hyde, called Hyde Power Potion.

ProSupps’ all-new Hyde Power Potion is an energy drink coming in a 473ml can, with absolutely no calories and a heavy 350mg of caffeine. Knowing ProSupps there is probably more to the Hyde energy drink formula than just caffeine, but for now, that is the one ingredient we know of.

The only other details we have at the moment are that Hyde Power Potion is coming in four flavors, one of which is called Island Punch. ProSupps is also still quite a while away from unleashing its Hyde energy drink, so be sure to stay tuned here at Stack3d for updates.