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Purus Labs teases its ketogenic meal replacement Ketofeed


It looks like Purus Labs is about to get into the fast-growing ketogenic market with an all-new supplement called Ketofeed. The veteran company has released a teaser today with the product lightly shadowed, although not heavy enough to completely hide its name and a handful major details.

The few pieces of information we can gather from the Purus Labs’ Ketofeed teaser image reveal exactly what kind of ketogenic supplement it is going to be. Right on the package of Ketofeed, it describes itself as some sort of meal replacement featuring isolate protein and healthy fats.

Each tub of the upcoming Ketofeed weighs in at 605g which is enough for 15 true servings. That works out to around 40g per serving, which is plenty of room for the product to include what it needs to be the ketogenic meal replacement it sounds like.

There are still a lot more details we don’t have for Purus Labs’ interesting new Ketofeed, although we imagine we’ll be seeing them soon now that there is a teaser out there.