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Legendary Labs teases a nitric oxide formula possibly titled Vulcan Pump

Legendary Labs

Earlier this year we were introduced to the brand Legendary Labs at the Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio. At the time it’s latest release was a new Blue Raspberry flavor for its BCAA formula Hydra Amino, which is soon to be followed by an entirely new supplement.

Like most companies, Legendary Labs is hyping its next release with a shadowed teaser image revealing very little information. From what we can see the product is a more pump focused pre-workout, described on the bottle as a Cherry Lemonade flavored nitric oxide formula.

There are also a few letters we can make out in the upcoming supplement’s title with “…can pu…” If we were to take a guess, we’d say the full name is Vulcan Pump, as Vulcan is the name of Legendary Labs’ current stimulant pre-workout, and Pump perfectly fitting with the short description we have.

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