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Limitless Supps hoping to add 2 more to its lineup before 2018

Limitless Supps

Limitless Supps is one of the many new brands we’ve stumbled across at this year’s Olympia Expo who currently has a relatively small lineup of products. Making up the Limitless family is the fat burner Limitless Lean, the pre-workout Limitless Energy, and the brand’s most recent release, the amino Limitless BCAA.

While the brand does have a small lineup at the moment, that’s not apparently going to be the case for too much longer. Limitless has revealed at the Olympia this weekend that it has two entirely new supplements in the works and that it hopes to release before the year is out.

For now, we can confirm that one of the two upcoming Limitless Supps releases is a muscle building pro-hormone, with the other, said to be something a little more mainstream. You can find out more about Limitless through its website and look forward to seeing the brand here at Stack3d more in the future, especially with two new products dropping soon.