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Muscletech teases what could be a complete Essential Series rebrand


Muscletech has dropped a clouded teaser image of a whole bunch of supplements it has coming soon. The picture actually features a total of 17 separate products, with one of those 17 giving us a clue on what it is the veteran brand might be teasing.

In the latest Muscletech image, the packaging of all of the supplements appears to be pretty much the same except for one white and pink colored item. That is very much the case for the brand’s current Essentials Series, which has a wide variety of products in it all branded the same except for its white and pink themed Platinum Multivitamin For Her.

That leads us to believe that Muscletech is getting ready to release a completely new Essentials Series or it has rebranded the basic lineup. We feel it’s more likely to be the latter, although we wouldn’t be surprised if the brand changes a few things if it is a rebrand and adds in a few new supplements.

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