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TuffnTiny launches its BULKemon deadlifter MudGRIP


Following on from TuffnTiny’s legendary birds BULKemon design launched earlier this month, the brand has closed out September with yet another addition to the Pokemon inspired series. The latest from the creative company is MudGRIP, based on the generation three Pokemon Mudkip.

The play on the name this time is with the word “GRIP” as it is MudGRIP instead of Mudkip. That play on words is then reflected in the graphic of the new TuffnTiny design as it features a jacked Mudkip maintaining a firm grip while performing a seemingly heavy deadlift.

TuffnTiny fans can now pre-order the new BULKemon series MudGRIP from in a tank, tee, or women’s racerback. All styles cost $19.99 each with pre-orders due to ship sometime next week.

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