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Myprotein gives its advanced MyRange a mass protein with MyGainer


The European supplement company Myprotein has expanded its MyRange this week which did already have quite the list of advanced products available. The latest from the brand gives it another MyRange protein competitor, although this time it’s for protein users looking to gain.

Now available from Myprotein is a mass protein called MyGainer. The supplement is designed to help improve muscle strength and size but features a formula a little bit different from most other gainers. By that we mean Myprotein has packed MyGainer with more than just a typical calorie filled mix of protein, carbs, and fat.

Making up each serving of the new MyGainer is 47g of high-quality protein primarily from whey and milk protein isolate. You then have the product’s 120g of carbohydrates which are from high-quality sources as well including Karbolyn, highly branched cyclic dextrin, and the powerful Carb10.

The other important macros in Myprotein’s MyGainer per serving are 9.5g of fat (1.4g saturated) and a hefty total of 784 calories. As mentioned there is a bit more to the supplement than the usual macros, with MyGainer also featuring an extra 5.1g of glutamine and 4g of BCAAs for improved recovery.

As per usual Myprotein has already made its latest release available for purchase through its main UK website. MyGainer is now online and in stock at £49.99 for a 12 serving 2.5kg bag, or 70% more at £84.99 for twice as much with a 24 serving 5kg. The product currently has three flavors available to choose from in Decadent Milk Chocolate, Strawberry Milkshake, and Vanilla Crème.