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Pathogen Review: Smooth mix of energy, focus and pump

Pathogen Review

Pathogen is the latest pre-workout competitor from the apocalypse marketed supplement company Outbreak Nutrition which features a pretty solid formula. It was that formula that encouraged us to give the product a try and see how it compares with all the other well put together pre-workouts out there right now.

Outbreak Pathogen formula

The formula behind Outbreak’s Pathogen is relatively straightforward, with a mix of eight well-dosed ingredients. You have the pump and performance ingredients, citrulline malate at 5g per serving, 3.2g of beta-alanine, and a gram of agmatine. The other five are for energy and focus with half a gram of choline, 350mg of caffeine, 50mg of pure TeaCrine, and 100mg each of theobromine and DMHA.

Pathogen Review

Smooth energy and focus

Like a lot of DMHA pre-workouts, Pathogen starts with a gradual build in energy and mental focus. When taken 10 to 20 minutes before your workout, by the time you get to the gym you’ll feel fueled up and ready to go both physically and mentally. At no point does it make you feel stimmed out at all, just as mentioned, 100% ready to train.

As you get into your workout, you’ll notice the energy and mental focus do remain pretty strong and do so through to the end. The only time we felt anything fading was when we mixed things up with slightly intense sets and heavier lifts. In those situations, we noticed the energy did help but didn’t end up lasting through to the end of a workout. It doesn’t completely drop off, just fade to a less intense level.

Dense muscle pumps

While the two stimulating effects in Pathogen are quite impressive, there is one more area where the supplement excels. The pre-workout does also manage to enhance muscle pumps by an impressive amount. It gives you the noticeable ability to get your muscles fuller a lot more efficiently and build a denser pump than your used to.

Pathogen Review

Comprehensive pre-workout

Outbreak Pathogen essentially delivers an experience ideal for anyone that wants a boost in energy, their mind more focused, and better pumps. It also doesn’t over stimulate so that you won’t feel out of touch with your workout at all. It’s an impressive combination of pre-workout effects that we don’t imagine lifters of any level, beginner to advanced, will be disappointed with.

It does have that fading energy weakness, but again, it won’t likely be a problem unless you’re pushing for exhaustion or maximum strength. It’s not that it brings you down in any way, it just doesn’t remain as strong as it is in the beginning, which can make the fading feel worse than it is.

Measure your serving

One more thing worth highlighting is the dosing of Pathogen. Our review is based on a full 11g serving, with more not really adding to the experience, and less giving you slightly less energy. It is also worth measuring out a serving on a scale, as for us we had to do a heaping scoop to get that 11g, not the usual level scoop that we’re used to.