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Perfect Shaker introduces a Justice League set and Thor

Justice League Shakers

While we have seen Perfect Shaker introduce new shaker designs at previous expos, we’ve never seen as many new releases than what it’s brought to this year’s Olympia. The brand has officially unveiled eight new shakers at the event, all of which are a part of its popular Hero Series.

The majority of releases from Perfect Shaker are from the new Justice League set. It includes slightly darker, alternative designs of Batman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, and Superman, heroes it does already have shakers for, as well as the entirely new designs, Cyborg, Aquaman, and the Justice League.

Thor Shaker

The eighth release Perfect Shaker has on display is the non-DC Comics hero Thor. Like the Cyborg, Aquaman, and Justice League shakers, it’s an entirely new release for the brand featuring the hammer of Thor, Mj√∂lnir. Perfect Shaker has also made all of the new shakers available for purchase through its website for its regular price of $16.99.

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