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Pre-Cuts claims to be the most powerful fat burning pre-workout ever


After months of teasing, hyping, and hinting, Elite Labs has finally unveiled the mystery supplement debuting at its Olympia Expo booth next week in Las Vegas. As previously confirmed the product is a weight loss infused pre-workout, which Elite Labs has officially titled Pre-Cuts.

For now, the brand has only released a preview of Pre-Cuts as well as a quick rundown on the supplement, with no look at its complete facts panel. While that may not sound like we have a lot of information, it is quite the opposite as the product’s effects and most of its ingredients have been revealed.

Elite Labs is promoting Pre-Cuts as “The strongest most powerful Fat burner/Pre Workout Ever!” It aims to increase energy and thermogenesis, enhance mental focus, improve muscle pumps, and of course, help with overall weight loss.

The ingredients and doses we know of so far in Pre-Cuts are 6g of citrulline malate, 30mg of Advantra Z synephrine, 300mg of caffeine, and 500mcg of alpha yohimbine. Also said to be in the supplement at unknown amounts is 5-HTP for mood enhancement and rhodiola for cortisol control.

As mentioned earlier, Elite Labs will be officially debuting Pre-Cuts next week at the Olympia Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada. As always we’ll be there coming to you live at, sharing all of the details we don’t yet have on the fat burning pre-workout.