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Sinister Labs Pancake Mix coming soon in three flavors

Sinister Labs Pancake Mix

While we’ve still yet to hear anything more on the upcoming Sinister Labs protein bar, that the brand describes as “insane tasting”. News has come in this week confirming that a protein bar isn’t all Sinister Labs has coming soon.

Now revealed to also be on the way from the creative functional food company is a Sinister Labs Pancake Mix. At the moment we have very little information about the product, just that it is, of course, built for what it’s titled, a mixture that you can make pancakes with.

Sinister Labs Protein Bar

The only other details we have at the moment on the Sinister Labs Pancake Mix is that it’s coming in a six serving package and will have at least three flavors. The names of those flavors are a delicious Chocolate Rage, a fruity Banana Blitz, and a classic Buttermilk recipe.

Definitely, stay tuned for more information on Sinister Labs Pancake Mix, as we suspect we’ll be hearing a lot more about it very soon. If not, fans at least have the brand’s insane tasting protein bar to be excited about, which is due to be debuted at the Olympia Expo, next week in Las Vegas.