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New brick and mortar exclusive Sour Peach Rings Havok

Sour Peach Rings Havok

Keeping with the common flavor theme in the industry these days, American Metabolix has confirmed a new candy flavor for its pre-workout Havok. Currently fans of the brand have just the one option for the comprehensive DMHA formua with the unique recipe, Tigers Blood Snow Cone.

Set to join American Metabolix one and only Havok flavor sometime soon is another relatively unique recipe with Sour Peach Rings. The flavor isn’t something we haven’t seen before thanks to the creative teams at Yummy Sports and ProSupps, but it’s still a unique and rarely seen option.

There is one more thing worth mentioning about American Metabolix Sour Peach Rings Havok, and that is when it arrives you aren’t going to find it everywhere. According to the brand, the flavor is a brick and mortars exclusive, so it’ll only be available at physical retail locations.