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Muscletech adds a simpler fat burner to its SX-7 Revolution series

SX-7 Revolution CLA Elite

While Muscletech’s SX-7 Revolution Series was initially launched at the start of this year, it has really only expanded over the past couple of months. The brand has taken it from a handful of supplements to a full-blown family of formulas covering you from weight loss and recovery to muscle building and pre-workout.

Today we have another product from the SX-7 Revolution Series to share details on called SX-7 Revolution CLA Elite. It is relatively similar to the supplement in Muscletech’s Performance Series that goes by the same name, CLA Elite. It’s essentially a slightly simpler weight loss solution that relies on just a few ingredients with no stimulants.

Each bottle of Muscletech’s new SX-7 Revolution CLA Elite packs 25 servings, with each serving being made up of four capsules. Packed into each of those servings is 1.6g of safflower oil supplying 80% CLA, along with 286mg of garcinia cambogia and 250mg of carnitine l-tartrate.

As always, you can find the latest Muscletech SX-7 Revolution product at GNC. If you head to the retailer’s website today, you will find it listed, however at the moment it is out of stock and not yet available for purchase.