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Hydrapharm is back with another promising product called Anatabloc


The innovative UK brand Hydrapharm, who we saw earlier in the month introducing its promising emoxypine supplement, is back again in October with another new product called Anatabloc. Much like the brand’s recent emoxypine release, Anatabloc features a relatively simple formula, but promises quite the list of benefits.

Hydrapharm officially describes its new Anatabloc as a sort of cross between joint support and mental focus, although primarily it is a nootropic supplement. It promises to enhance memory and attention, reduce joint pain and stiffness, support cognitive performance, improve functionality, and has a strong anti-inflammatory effect.

The interesting formula behind the comprehensive sounding Hydrapharm Anatabloc brings together three ingredients. Each single-capsule serving supplies you with 90IU of vitamin A, 40IU of vitamin D, and the star of the show, anatabine (as anatabine citrate) which is responsible for most of the benefits and dosed at 2mg.

The UK retailer Predator Nutrition is a great place for more information on the latest Hydrapharm product, as it has a full description of its and a breakdown of its ingredients. You can also purchase Anatabloc at Predator for the rather high price of £69.98 ($92.09 USD), which will last you a varying amount of time as the number of capsules you take is all dependent on your weight.