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ANS Performance’s testosterone booster Fortitude returns

ANS Fortitude II

As we suspected earlier yesterday with its vague but revealing teaser image, ANS Performance is officially bringing back its testosterone booster Fortitude. The brand has decided to give the supplement a sequel title, not just relaunch it as Fortitude, with its complete name being Fortitude II.

Still a testosterone booster

Much like the original, ANS Peformance’s returning product is still designed to boost your testosterone. The brand has built its new and improved formula around five different hormone pathways to maximize testosterone. The overall result includes effects such as reduced cortisol, maximum sex drive, increased testosterone, DHT suppression, and most of all, induced strength and muscle gains.

Packed transparent formula

As for the all-important ingredients list behind ANS Performance’s new Fortitude II, it does have quite the combination. The brand has packed it full of eight main ingredients, all of which are transparently dosed, listing their exact amounts per serving.

ANS Fortitude II

The features in Fortitude II include 600mg of KSM-66 ashwagandha, and 300mg of another branded ingredient called Ferutest ferula assa-foetida. You then have 200mg of DIM, 160mg of saw palmetto, 150mg of maca, 50mg of long jack and Japanese knotweed (resveratrol), and lastly 5mg of BioPerine black pepper to enhance absorption of the formula.

$45 for a full 30 servings

By the looks of things the renewed ANS Performance Fortitude II is already available for purchase through It does appear to be letting you add the supplement to your cart and with not too bad of a price at $44.99 for a full-size 30 serving bottle.