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Controlled Labs launches a naturals line called Cell Nature Labs

Sky Test

The well-known Controlled Labs has released a new, natural line of supplements called Cell Nature Labs. The launch involves a total of four different products called TurmWellia, Sky Test, Peak Prostate Plus, and LeanBac.

Each of the Cell Nature Labs supplements has its own individual list of benefits and a somewhat straightforward combination of ingredients. Starting with TurmWellia and Sky Test, TurmWellia is a joint formula powered by turmeric and boswellia, and Sky Test is a natural testosterone booster featuring the likes of fenugreek, maca, and stinging nettle.


The other two Cell Nature Labs products are the self-explanatory Peak Prostate Plus and LeanBac. The former is as it says, a supplement for prostate health, and the latter a probiotic with a few weight loss ingredients in the mix such as garcinia and cayenne pepper.

You can see the full Cell Nature Labs line over on Amazon, where all of the items are in stock and now available for purchase. As you’d imagine, they do all vary in price, with TurmWellia being the cheapest at $25 a bottle and LeanBac being the most expensive at $35.