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Dedicated Intra built for performance, pump and hydration

Dedicated Intra

Dedicated Nutrition has followed through on its promise today and completely unveiled the supplement it previewed earlier in the week, the simply named Intra. As you’d expect with a title like that, Dedicated Intra is an intra-workout solution designed to improve performance, strength, hydration, and pump during your workout.

Performance, pump and hydration

Like with all of the brand’s products, Dedicated’s new Intra comes packed with a reliable, fully loaded formula. It features a variety of well-dosed ingredients; all included to help the intra-workout supplement power you through your workout.

Three main features

In total, there are three proven and effective, main features backing up Dedicated Intra. Those three are the high-quality, fast absorbing carbohydrate Cluster Dextrin HBCD, dosed at 25g per serving, 3g of GlyceroMax branded glycerol, and a gram of citrulline malate at a 1:1 citrulline to malic acid ratio.

Dedicated Intra

Dedicated has also included a few other ingredients in Intra to ensure it delivers a well rounded intra-workout experience. On top of the HBCD, citrulline, and glycerol are 1.5g of citric acid to help delay fatigue and a blend of electrolytes to improve hydration.

Already in the UK

The new Dedicated Intra is now showing up in stores, with the UK retailer Tropicana already having it in stock. Through Tropicana, the Dedicated intra-workout will cost you £24.99 ($33.03 USD) for a full size 20 serving tub, which currently comes in just the one Bloody Orange flavor.