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GAT Sport launches its women’s specific multi-vitamin

GAT Womens Multi

The Essentials Series supplement GAT teased back at the beginning of September, has been unveiled and launched this week, introducing Women’s Multi. As the brand has made very clear with the name of the product, the latest GAT release is a multi-vitamin formula built specifically for women.

Much like GAT’s other Essentials Series vitamin supplement Men’s Multi + Test, the Women’s Multi combines vitamin, minerals, and a few ingredients just for women. Some of the extra features in the product include the vitamins K1 and D3 for bone health, and biotin to support hair, skin, and nails.

The online retailer Muscle & Strength has already actually shown up with stock of GAT’s new Women’s Multi. Each bottle packs the same amount of servings as the Men’s Multi + Test with 30, although the women’s version is a little more expensive at $22.99.