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Genetishred uniquely featuring BCAAs for muscle preservation


Earlier in the year when we first posted about Genetidyne, it mentioned that it would be improving its variety of complex supplements throughout 2017. That is something we’ve seen it do and something it’s continuing to do this month as confirmation has now come in on another complex Genetidyne product.

After months and months of reformulating, the brand has finally finished its stimulant free fat burning supplement Genetishred. While the formula behind the product has yet to be revealed, like with a number of Genetidyne’s other items, there will be something different about Gentishred.

For now, the brand has only confirmed four features for its upcoming fat burner, the first few being green tea, carnitine, and choline. The other one is what makes it so different as it is BCAAs, which Genetidyne is including to help users preserve muscle while losing weight.

By the sounds of things Genetishred is ready to go, so it’ll probably be hitting stores very soon. That should also mean a full look at what else is in the supplement isn’t too far away.