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Kodiak adds to more flavors to its massive pre-workout menu

Jolly Watermelon Kodiak Attack

Kodiak Nutrition’s pre-workout Attack, which was recently reformulated with no DMHA, more caffeine, and the addition of eria jarensis. Already has one of the largest and more creative menus available, featuring flavors like Gummy Bear, Rainbow Fruit, and its various Lifesavers inspired options.

Today Kodiak has expanded its massive Attack menu even further with two more delicious sounding flavors. The new additions to the supplement are both a part of the brand’s Candy Series with Jolly Watermelon and the tropical recipe Pineapple Splash.

Kodiak fans can already find the new Attack flavors available through where the pre-workout currently comes with a free Kodiak shaker. The brand’s ongoing coupon “KODIAK” is also still good for 40% discount, which will get you Attack and the shaker for a total of $35.