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Staunch goes with a variety of ingredients for its gainer Kanga Milk

Kanga Milk

Calum Von Moger’s Staunch mass gainer is finally here, after it was teased and confirmed as coming soon back in early August. Moger’s brand has kept with the Australian theme for his latest supplement officially titling it Kanga Milk.

Wide variety of sources

The new Staunch Supplements’ product is a little bit more than your typical gainer, as it features quite a variety of ingredients, a lot of them being high quality such as Cluster Dextrin HBCD. Like most mass proteins, however, the overall aim of the supplement is to deliver a good amount of calories with a solid nutrition profile to help users build mass.

840 calories per serving

Each serving of Kanga Milk weighs in at a heavy 224g providing 52g of protein from a blend of whey concentrate and isolate, milk concentrate, and micellar casein. You then have the carbohydrate blend of maltodextrin, Cluster Dextrin, sweet potato, brown rice, and oat bran, powering 140g carbs with 3g of that fiber and 4g sugar.

Kanga Milk

The other major macros included in Kanga Milk to help achieve its mass building goals are 9g of fat (6g saturated) backed by a healthy fats blend, and a total of 840 calories. Staunch Supplements has also thrown in an enzyme blend to aid in digestion and a muscle building complex of BCAAs, glutamine, and creatine monohydrate, however, it doesn’t say anywhere what the doses of those ingredients are.

Free shaker for a limited time

You can now purchase Calum Von Moger’s gainer from the Staunch Supplements’ website at $49 for a 12 serving tub. Currently, it comes in just the one Milk Chocolate flavor, although a French Vanilla is on the way. To celebrate the launch the brand does have a deal available as well, where for a limited time you get a free Staunch shaker with every Kanga Milk.