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Sparta Nutrition’s Kraken Pump as loaded as expected

Kraken Pump

A day out from its release, Sparta Nutrition has completely unveiled its latest supplement innovation, the pump formula Kraken Pump. This is the pump pre-workout you might have seen teased by the brand over the past month or so, and has been well worth getting excited about.

All about pumps

The main reason there has been hype about the new Kraken Pump is that Sparta Nutrition is known for well put together formulas. Now that it has unveiled the pump pre-workout, we can confirm that statement remains true as Kraken Pump features a pretty packed out combination.

The primary purpose of Sparta’s Kraken Pump is to enhance muscle pumps during your workout. It’s kind of like the brand’s powerful stimulant pre-workout Kraken, however, instead of having increased energy and focus in the mix, it’s solely about the pump.

Kraken Pump

Loaded pump formula

To ensure Kraken Pump does exactly as promised, Sparta has formulated it with five main ingredients. In each of its maximum two scoop servings, you get a heavy 6g of citrulline, 2g of HydroMax glycerol, 1.5g of Nitrosigine, a gram of beta vulgaris (beet extract), and to improve hydration, half a gram of coconut water.

Kraken Pump does, of course, also come in a variety of flavors, all of which are from the regular Kraken’s menu, something Kraken pump can be stacked with. The delicious looking options for the pump pre-workout are Sour Gummy Bear, Rainbow Candy, a Bomb Pop inspired Bombsicle, as well as a convenient Unflavored.

Intro sale coming tomorrow

You can now order Sparta Nutrition’s new Kraken Pump directly through its website at It’s launched in the three flavors mentioned above and comes in the one 40 serving tub size or 20 serving if you want the solid doses we highlighted earlier. The price on the product is $39.99, although a special intro sale is due to drop tomorrow through A1 Supplements.