Primeval Labs reveals the pump half of its Mega Pre formula

Oct 28th, 2017
Mega Pre

You may recall a pre-workout supplement that Primeval Labs previewed recently called Mega Pre, which we haven’t seen all that much of since. That product has finally got an update today, revealing half of its promising, fully transparent formula and exactly what it’s designed to do.

As previously confirmed, Primeval Labs’ new pre-workout is officially titled, Mega Pre. What it is exactly, is a supplement aiming to enhance your workout without the use of stimulants, featuring ingredients for powerful muscle pumps and improved strength and performance.

The maximum serving size of Mega Pre is quite heavy, which is fitting for a product named Mega Pre, tipping the scales at 16.4g. Not too surprisingly, Primeval Labs has packed that 16g out with eight fully dosed features, half of them we can confirm.

Mega Pre

The ingredients we can tell you about today are the handful of pump features Primeval Labs has packed into Mega Pre. In total there are four we can confirm with citrulline at a heavy 6g, 254mg of VasoDrive-AP, 300mg of norvaline, and the new GlycerPump glycerol at 2g.

The rest of Primeval Labs’ Mega Pre formula should be revealed in the very near future, with the launch of the supplement itself, also not expected to be too far away.