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‘Merica Labz working on a fat burner called Uncle Bam

Merica Labz Uncle Bam

‘Merica Labz has confirmed that supplement number six for its fast-growing family is in the works and on the way. At the moment the brand competes in a number of major categories with a delicious protein, packed out amino, testosterone booster, and two pre-workouts that make for the best pre-workout stack available.

While ‘Merica Labz is spread out into a handful of categories, there is a relatively popular one it currently doesn’t have a product in. That important category is weight loss, which the charismatic brand has revealed today it will be competing in very soon.

‘Merica Labz has said that at the moment it is working on a fat burner of some sort that goes by the name Uncle Bam. With only the name to go off, we can’t confirm all that much about the supplement, but knowing ‘Merica, it will feature an overloaded formula and be very effective.