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Nutrabio MCT Powder gets a new formula and more servings

Nutrabio MCT Powder

Nutrabio has excellent news for ketogenic dieters, as it has reformulated its MCT Powder to be a completely keto friendly supplement. The most significant change in the product is that it uses an entirely different source for its MCTs with coconut oil which is higher in C8 and C10 MCTs.

The updated Nutrabio MCT Powder also doesn’t use maltodextrin anymore giving it zero net carbohydrates with just a gram of fiber. The macros making up each serving of the supplement are now 7g of saturated fat, the gram of fiber, all for a total of 60 calories.

Lastly, Nutrabio’s updated MCT Powder does have a few more servings per tub, over 10% more in fact, with 50 instead of 45. Despite the number of improvements to the product, it still costs exactly the same from priced at $21.99.

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