Performax Labs kicks off its big month with a massive rebrand

Oct 2nd, 2017
Performax Labs

October is finally here, which means Performax Labs’ massive relaunch has also finally arrived. To start it all off the high quality brand has dropped a number of things, most of which are all visual.

Firstly, Performax Labs has officially rebranded its line, something it previously said it would do. Its new look definitely has a much more mainstream feel to it, keeping most of its original colors with black and blue, and making the “MAX” part of its product titles stand out a lot more.

Secondly, Performax Labs has renamed its intra-workout powerhouse PowerMax, with the more fitting title IntraMax. It’s also given the supplement an all-new flavor seeing its original Orange Dream joined by Raspberry Lemonade.

Last but not least, Performax Labs has launched an updated website. now features all of the rebranded products as well as a celebratory 15% off sale with the coupon code “RL15”. Be sure to stay tuned throughout the rest of October as we do know there is a lot more on the way from Performax Labs in the days and weeks to come.