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Primeval Labs previews its flavored test booster Neanderthal


The next big Primeval Labs supplement has been unveiled and confirmed today, and it goes by the name Neanderthal. As we’ve seen the brand do many times before, for now, it has only previewed the product, leaving us with just a few pieces of information.

The most important detail we have at the moment for Primeval Labs’ upcoming Neanderthal is that it is some kind of testosterone boosting supplement. The other slightly smaller pieces of information are that it will be a flavored formula available in Sour Orange Berry, and will weigh in at a hefty 10.7g per serving.

While that isn’t too many details to go off right now for Neanderthal, we can still say it sounds promising for two reasons. Firstly the product is coming from Primeval Labs who has delivered in all of its supplements we’ve tried, and secondly, it has a pretty spacious serving size leaving it plenty of room to pack healthy doses.