Pure Amino combines lightly dosed aminos with vodka

Pure Amino Vodka

It’s not too often we hear about interesting supplements coming out of Australia and New Zealand, today however that is exactly what we have. The product we have in the spotlight features the obvious title Pure Amino Vodka, which is from the similarly named New Zealand company Pure Amino.

Before you take any guesses, the name of the Pure Amino supplement does explain what it is, a combination of amino acids and vodka. The concept is quite different although it may not necessarily be worth relying on Pure Amino Vodka as a great source for the handful of aminos it comes with.

The product brings together a mix of sparkling water, natural flavors, and as per its title, vodka (5% alcohol). It features zero carbohydrates, with each 300ml bottle of Pure Amino Vodka costing you a total of 104 calories. A regular amino supplement would, of course, be a much more ideal solution but if for whatever reason you need to drink alcohol, it’s worth considering.

Pure Amino Vodka

Moving on to the highlight of the supplement, its amino acids, Pure Amino has included 333.3mg each of taurine, glutamine, leucine, and carnitine. As mentioned that’s not exactly a massive amount especially compared to most amino formulas, however, that is if you only have one. If you throw back a whole six pack, the doses are obviously much better and not far off what you get from a serving of Pure Amino’s amino powder.

At the moment Pure Amino Vodka comes in just the one Raspberry Lemon flavor, although more options are on the way including Strawberry Kiwi and Coconut. You can read a little more about Pure Amino and its intriguing creation on its website at pureamino.nz.