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Metabolic teases a anti-stress formula possibly named Relaxitrol

Metabolic Nutrition

Metabolic Nutrition has shared a teaser image today that really only suggests one thing. The picture features a colorful silhouette of a capsule bottle alongside the words “goodnight stress!” and “A sense of calm is coming.”

Based on the very few details Metabolic has shared, we feel pretty confident in guessing that it has a nighttime supplement on the way. While we’re not too sure on whether it will help with sleep, it seems safe to say anti-stress and calming will be a part of the experience.

Something else we can get from the teaser are a few letters for the title of the upcoming Metabolic product. While we can’t confirm anything for certain, it looks like the name of the supplement will be Relaxitrol or at least something along those lines.

The even better news is that Metabolic fans aren’t going to be waiting too long for Relaxitrol, if of course, that is its name. The brand is saying the anti-stress product is dropping in less than one week’s time on Wednesday the 11th.