Elemetx teases what looks to be a new version of ThermoxyShred

Elemetx Thermox

Elemetx, the brand behind the pre-workout Payload-ATP and the recent egg, hemp, brown rice, and pea protein, NitroVegg. Has started teasing its next new supplement release, that looks like it’ll be the brand’s first ever sequel product.

The growing company has dropped a teaser image featuring a wrapped up capsule formula that from what we can see goes by the name Thermox or possibly Thermoxy. We feel the latter is more likely and more fitting, as it is the name of Elemetx current stimulant powered fat burner, ThermoxyShred, suggesting a new and improved version is coming soon.

If we are correct in what we’re guessing, as mentioned, it’ll be the first sequel supplement Elemetx has ever released. It’ll also be interesting to see what the brand does to make the product better, as it is already a relatively comprehensive and well put together weight loss competitor.