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Ultimate Breakfast from UPS equal to bowl of oats and 6 egg whites

UPS Ultimate Breakfast

Over the past couple of months we’ve seen UPS Protein launch a number of new supplements, all keeping with the same naming convention. First it we saw Ultimate BCAA, then Ultimate Whey and Isolate, the pre-workout Ultimate Power, and now we’ve got Ultimate Breakfast.

Unlike all of the other recently revealed products from UPS Protein, Ultimate Breakfast is not out and available just yet. For now, the brand is only showing it off, confirming that it’s some sort of meal formula equivalent to a bowl of oats and six egg whites.

According to UPS Protein, while Ultimate Breakfast is not yet available, it won’t be long before it is. The Australian brand is aiming to have it out sometime next week in three 1.2kg flavors with the two traditional tastes Chocolate and Vanilla, and Banana.