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4+ Nutrition introduces its Bacon and Ham & Cheese flavored oats

4 Plus Salty Oat

Our favorite Italian supplement company 4+ Nutrition has launched a spin-off of one of its simpler products, Oat+. The supplement is essentially a 4+ branded bag of oats, with just a combination of oat flour and flavoring.

The new spin-off of Oat+ from 4+ Nutrition is called Salty Oat+, which is just like the original featuring a combination of oat flour and flavoring. The one difference is in the taste, as the options available for Salty Oat+ are just as its title suggests, salty flavors, with Bacon and Ham & Cheese.

Like all of the products 4+ Nutrition unveils, its new Salty Oat+ has been immediately made available through its online Italian store. It costs the same as the regular Oat+ at €10 ($11.62 USD) for a 1kg bag, although at the moment it does look like only the Bacon flavor is in stock.