Beast’s stim free Super Sauna built to make you sweat

Beast Super Sauna

Beast Sports’ latest entry into the world of weight loss has arrived, with the previously previewed flavored formula, Super Sauna Black. The product is a little bit different from most other fat burning products in that it doesn’t rely on stimulants of any sort.

Built to make you sweat

Beast Super Sauna is designed to do what it suggests in its title, and that is enhance thermogenesis to help make you sweat. The supplement also promises a few other familiar weight loss effects including increased metabolism, improved blood flow, and relieved water weight gain.

Beast Super Sauna

As for the stimulant free formula behind Super Sauna, Beast has kept it all relatively simple. The product packs just four main ingredients with a gram of carnitine tartrate and a 60mg blend of grains of paradise, GBB (gamma-butyrobetaine ethyl ester HCl), and BioPerine black pepper.

On sale for $22 per tub

The new Beast Super Sauna is now available on the brand’s website at $34.99 for a 30 serving tub, with two tastes to choose from in Lemon Dropkick and Sweet Heat. If you are interested in purchasing the supplement, you may as well take advantage of Beast’s Black Friday promotion that’s currently on with the coupon “BEASTBF” getting you 35% discount.