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Strength Series Best Aminos mixes EAAs with strength and performance

Best Aminos Strength Series

A new line of supplements has surfaced from BPI Sports this week called the Strength Series. It is said to involve two different products, both of which are alternate versions of two of the brand’s current supplements.

In today’s post, we’ve got everything you need to know about Best Aminos Strength Series, a spin-off, of course, of BPI Sports’ amino formula Best Aminos. While the new Strength Series Best Aminos does share its name with Best Aminos, the two don’t have all that much in common formula-wise.

All nine EAAs

The new version of Best Aminos does still back up its name by featuring a blend of recovery enhancing amino acids. That blend is a 5g combination of Oligopeptide Enzymatic Technology BCAAs and the other six essential amino acids, histidine, lysine, methionine, threonine, tryptophan, and phenylalanine.

Best Aminos Strength Series

Creatine, betaine and more

To reinforce the Strength Series part of its title, BPI Sports has packed the product with a bit more than just aminos. It also features 3g each of the performance booster creatine monohydrate and the pump enhancer citrulline HCl, a gram of betaine, and a half gram Liposomal Delivery System, similar to what’s in the brand’s GNC Series supplements.

Coming soon in 2 flavors

Best Aminos Strength Series is expected to kick off BPI Sports’ new line sometime soon, with no exact launch details available just yet. We can, however, confirm the product will release in two different 30 serving flavors with Arctic Ice and Watermelon Freeze.

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