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European Exclusive Protein flavors occasionally available in the US

Exclusive Protein

If you’re a fan of Proccor’s protein powder Exclusive Protein, and have always wanted to try it in a different flavor, as in the US it has just the one. The brand does now have a total of three flavors available, although the two new additions are primarily produced for the European market.

The names of the new flavors joining Exclusive Protein’s original Cinnamon Streusel are the chocolate recipes Chocolate Mint and Decadent Chocolate. The main reason we’re highlighting them today isn’t that they’re now out there, but because you can occasionally get them in the US.

From time to time Proccor does make both Chocolate Mint and Decadent Chocolate Exclusive Protein available through its own website. By the sounds of things the brand never usually has that much stock for the US, so if you do see it available at you’ll want to make sure you grab it.