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The unstoppable Dedicated Nutrition finally coming to the US

Dedicated Nutrition

The announcement we know a lot of people have been waiting, including us, is finally here. The dominating, top rated supplement company Dedicated Nutrition has confirmed that it is finally bringing its brand to the major US marketplace.

The news has come with an address to a yet to be launched website at, which is where Dedicated Nutrition will first be available in America. If you head to the site now, you’ll find just one page featuring two things with links to social media accounts and an email sign up for the brand to notify you when it releases.

As exciting as Dedicated Nutrition’s US arrival is, we are left with a few questions, most importantly what products is it planning on launching? In the brand’s primary market of the UK and Europe, it has quite the variety available including BCAA Sensation, Fusion Pro, and the legendary pre-workout, Unstoppable.

Regarding when Dedicated Nutrition plans on releasing its line in the US, all we know at the moment is very soon. The brand has said that it’ll have something big in time for Cyber Monday, although it hasn’t mentioned whether that’ll be a sale or not, just something significant.

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