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ErgoWhey powered by grass-fed whey and exclusive to Australia


In about two weeks time fans of ErgoGenix down under in Australia are, going to be treated to an exclusive supplement release. Already on its way to the country is a new protein powder from the brand called ErgoWhey.

While the name of the new ErgoGenix product does make it sound like your typical whey protein formula, that’s not exactly the case. ErgoWhey is, in fact, a weight loss infused protein powder, combining a blend of common fat burning ingredients with a combination of grass-fed whey isolate and whey concentrate.


Packed into each serving of ErgoWhey is your usual balance of macros with 24g of protein, 4g of carbohydrates with 3g of that fiber, a gram of fat (half saturated), and 120 calories. As for the weight loss features, ErgoGenix has included a 3g blend of Fibersol-2, taurine, GlycoCarn, carnitine tartrate, MCTs, and CLA.

As mentioned above, ErgoWhey is due to hit Australia sometime within the next couple of weeks through its distributor in the country, RIPT Supps. Australia will also be the only place you can get ErgoWhey in the world for the time being, with two traditional, 27 serving flavors in Chocolate and Vanilla.