Special Gold Standard Whey hits the UK with an extra 20% free

Gold Standard Whey

Optimum Nutrition fans over in the UK now have a special Gold Standard Whey tub size available, which comes with an extra few servings free. The new option is a 20% bonus 2lb jug packing a bonus five servings at a total of 29, as opposed to the 2lb’s usual 24 servings.

As mentioned, the 20% extra is entirely free, with the special size costing the same amount as a usual 2lb. It’s perfect for fans of Gold Standard Whey that like to buy their protein in the smaller tub. If however, you’re a 5lb purchaser, you’ll want to stick with that as it is still more cost-effective, or at least at Tropicana Fitness it is.

You can currently buy the 20% extra 2lb Gold Standard Whey from the UK retailer Tropicana for £25, which is half the price of its 5lb at £49.99. It also worth pointing out that the bonus tub is only available in select flavors with three to choose from in Double Chocolate, Strawberry, and Vanilla Ice Cream.

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