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Extremely creative Got7 Flavor Drops here in time for Xmas

Got7 Flavor Drops

The always creative German brand Got7 Nutrition has gone and done what we saw from Scitec Nutrition just yesterday. The brand has revealed and released a handful of creative new flavors for one of its current products, inspired by the holiday season.

The latest releases from Got7 Nutrition are six new Christmas Edition flavors for its handy Flavor Drops. For those unfamiliar with the supplement or even this type of supplement, it is simply designed to add the flavor on its label to whatever you desire, hence the name, Flavor Drops.

As for the six new Flavor Drops options from Got7 Nutrition, they are all, in fact, very unique recipes. Some of the simpler ones are Chocolate Gingerbread, Baked Apple, and Roasted Almonds. You then have the German food inspired flavors with the fried pastry Schmalzkuchen, the spiced shortcrust biscuit Speculaas, and the dark chocolate treat Dominosteine.

While all of the new Got7 Nutrition Flavor Drops flavors are extremely creative, the unfortunate news is that they are only available for a limited time. According to the brand, they have all arrived this week, so those within reach of a Got7 retailer can probably expect to see them on shelves soon.