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Mike Rashid releases a 100% organic vegan protein blend

Organic Vegan Protein

Mike Rashid’s supplement company ImSoAlpha, does already have quite the variety of protein powders available with the likes of Total Meal, 100% Isolate, and Alpha Vegan. This month the brand has introduced another protein competitor with Organic Vegan Protein, which as its title explains, is a product made with organic vegan-friendly protein sources.

The new ImSoAlpha supplement is a lot like its Alpha Vegan, in that it relies on vegan protein sources, although its variety of sources is slightly different. The product’s main point of difference compared to Alpha Vegan is as mentioned, that it’s an organic formula, using 100% organic vegan-friendly ingredients.

Organic Vegan Protein

Each serving of ImSoAlpha’s new Organic Vegan Protein provides 20g of protein from a blend of organic pea, sprouted fermented amaranth, sacha inchi, and hemp protein. Alongside that 20g is 4g of carbohydrates with a gram of that fiber, 3g of fat, and 130 calories.

Mike Rashid has also added a digestive enzyme blend to Organic Vegan Protein as well as naturally flavored both of its options with stevia. The two tastes the supplement comes in are Chocolate and Vanilla and are now available through for $34.99 a tub.