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Max Effort Muscle’s Rice Krispie style Max Crispy Treat

Max Crispy Treat

Max Effort Muscle’s first edible supplement, the previously previewed Max Crispy Treat, is now available. With the release has finally come all the nutrition information we’ve been waiting on for the product, which is around the same as most protein bars.

Rice Krispie protein snack

As you could guess by its name, Max Effort Muscle’s Max Crispy Treat is a Rice Krispie style snack similar to the likes of BSN Syntha-6 and the Oh Snap Bar. It comes with a solid layer of chocolate on the bottom, a Rice Krispie body, all topped with lines of chocolate.

Max Crispy Treat

Max Crispy Treat nutrition

In terms of protein, each Max Crispy Treat provides a typical 20g coming from two primary sources in whey isolate and whey concentrate. The other macros sitting alongside the protein are 27g of carbohydrate with 9g of that sugar and 3g fiber, 5g of fat (3g saturated), for a total of 220 calories.

12 bars per tube

Currently, Max Effort Muscle’s protein bar comes in just the one Chocolate flavor and also mixes things up when it comes to packaging. While each Max Crispy Treat does come in the usual wrapper, its bulk package is a tube of 12 bars as opposed to the more traditional box.

Max Crispy Treat

$24.50 for Cyber Monday

You can purchase Max Effort Muscle’s all-new edible release today, exclusively through its website at Its regular price is $34.99 for a tube of 12 bars; however, if you get in before the end of today you can save an automatic 30% with the brand’s Cyber Monday sale.