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Nutristat releases Native Zyme, its protein enhancing sidekick

Native Zyme

The brand behind the grass-fed native whey isolate protein powder Pur Native, has introduced a new supplement that stacks perfectly with its protein. The product is named Native Zyme, a capsule digestive enzyme formula designed to be taken with protein to massively enhance absorption of it.

Nutristat’s new Native Zyme uses a clinically researched protease enzyme proven to “promote muscle building and recovery”. It comes with a lengthy list of other benefits as well including prevention of bloat associated digestion and it digests protein to be more than 90% usable by the body.

Each serving of the latest Nutristat supplements come wrapped up in a single vegetarian capsule, packing 250mg of Native Zyme protease. A full bottle packs enough for the usual 30 servings, and can now be purchased from the brand’s website for $39.99 or $34.99 if you sign up for auto-shipping.