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Mysterious new AminoX coming soon in three killer soda flavors


A few details as well as a clear image has surfaced of what initially appears to be a new or separate version of BSN’s long-running amino supplement, AminoX. The picture shows off a very different looking AminoX featuring a mostly black design along with a small amount of the brand’s more signature red color.

As for the few other details we have for BSN’s seemingly new AminoX, it is said to have a 10g blend of amino acids, including BCAAs, alanine, and taurine. That is, of course, the same dose of aminos found in BSN’s original AminoX as well as its energy infused spin-off AminoX Edge.

We can also confirm that the different looking AminoX will have some energy to it thanks to 150mg of natural caffeine and muscle function support from vitamin D. The product itself appropriately promotes its benefits right on the front of its bottle with the words “anytime energy & recovery”.

The only other pieces of information we currently have for the new, mysterious looking BSN AminoX, are its size and a small bit on its flavors. Unlike the current version, the previewed AminoX will have 20 servings per tub instead of 30 and will launch in “Three killer soda flavors”.